Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Booty aplenty! (stop laughing)

The latest Tabletop episode features the game Libertalia, a card based game with a pirate theme! Wil's guests are Seth Green, Clare Grant and Karen Gillan. Who will plunder the most treasure? Watch the video HERE to find out who will triumph.
Read on for more info on the game.

Libertalia is a 2-6 player game where people/captains compete to gain the most loot over the course of 3 campaigns split into 6 days. Players select one of their 9 crew cards, with several values determining play order. Their actions are then carried out and the booty (stop it) divided towards the end of each day.

This continues until the end of day 6, at which point final actions are taken and booty (now you're just being childish) calculated. Everyone should have 3 cards left. They then take 6 identical cards each and then start the 2nd campaign. This repeats until the 3rd campaign is finished and total loot is counted up. Most points wins.

If you like board games and pirates (who doesnt?!) then this is definitely worth considering. One of the things that intrigues me is the hand management aspect. Everyone starts with the same 6 cards but could have very different hands by the finish. I imagine trying to figure out what players have left will drive people insane and ruin days (in-game, not literally) of planning!

I'll hopefully get a chance to play this in the near future and possibly add it to my collection. The opportunity for some pirate speak in a board game is almost too good to pass up! Now, where did I leave my rum...