Friday, 20 February 2015

Winter is coming! (with added zombies)

This week's Tabletop Season 3 feature is Dead of Winter. Watch Wil Wheaton, Grant Imahara, Dodger Leigh, and Ashley Johnson try and survive the zombie apocalypse. However, one of the group may be working against the rest with their own devious plan at hand.

Anyone who is a fan of Zombicide or The Resistance (or both!) will definitely want to watch to see what this game is all about. Click on the picture or HERE to watch what looks like an awesome game. Read on for a bit more info on the game (and links to previous Tabletop episodes).

Dead of Winter is a 2-5 player coop game published by Plaid Hat Games in 2014. They describe it as a "meta-cooperative psychological survival game"! Players have to work together to stay alive by collecting food and fighting off the zombie horde (plus other things), and resolve crises as they come up.

Each player has their own secret objective which could potentially be harmless to the colony or put everyone at risk. One player could (big emphasis on could) be working against the rest, which could cause many arguments (a la The Resistance)!

It looks like there's plenty of variance involved, with constant pressure coming from zombies, resources (or lack thereof), the ever-changing scenario, and other players.

Want to know more? Go check out the video! After watching it I'm seriously tempted to buy the game!

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