Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Wrong (and right) on so many levels!!

A few weeks ago, one of the games I was most looking forward to seeing on Tabletop finally arrived; Cards against Humanity starring Wil, Aisha Taylor, Ali Spagnola, and Laina Morris. Anyone who knows about this game will know that the video will probably definitely be NSFW. People who don't, brace yourselves! Click HERE for the video or read on for a bit about the game.

Cards against Humanity is a party game for 3-20+ people. It's a simple game where players try to match up their answer cards against the question card for that round, often with hilarious or disgusting results! Most points or first to a predetermined number wins.

As this is a game I own, I'll do a full review of it within the next few weeks. All I'll tell you for now is that this is not for the weak-stomached or easily offended!

For everyone else though, just watch the video and enjoy!